I’ve been thinking about where I share my writing (long-form and micro posts), and also my photos, and it appears that I’m currently using 6 platforms:

- Blog
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Glass
- Mastodon

Ideally, I’d like to have one central place for all of this content. Maybe that is what this Mastodon instance of mine will become.

@chris I have the following:

- Initial Charge
- Mastodon
- Pixelfed
- Instagram
- Twitter

I only publish to the first four directly, the last two are with automation. Pixelfed and Instagram are sort of up in the air in terms of what I’d like to do with them.

@mike What do you use to automate publishing to the last two?

@poorchop I use this cross-poster to syndicate Mastodon publishing to Twitter:

And use the Jetpack plugin to publish links to Twitter when I publish on my WordPress site.

For I added my Mastodon and WordPress RSS feeds to my account settings.

@mike Thanks. Even with plugins and scripts, it sounds like it can be tedious trying to keep everything up to date and in sync.

@poorchop I haven’t had anything break yet 🤞

On the WordPress side of things, it helps that there’s automatic updates now.

@mike That looks like a good situation to me.

I’d like to also syndicate what I write here to Twitter and But not sure how it would work with the differing length restrictions on each platform.

@chris I use this cross-posting tool to syndicate from Mastodon to Twitter. It handles media well and will truncate with a link if you go over the character count:

For, you can add your Mastodon account’s RSS feed right to

The biggest gotcha with syndicating to like this is that media is in an enclosure tag, which ignores.

@chris because of the enclosure issue, whenever I post a photo here I try to make sure I have enough in the text that it still makes sense without the photo. Still not ideal, though.

@mike Nice, thanks!

I’ll have to think about that integration then. I don’t share too many photos, but I can imagine it might be annoying if I did.

@chris I don’t share many photos either, which is why I haven’t spent much time trying to find a better solution. It would be nice if handled image files in enclosure tags.

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