I really like the board view in Todoist, this way I can track progress on tasks, but also keep track of what will be in the next release.

I wish more apps allowed you to change the app icon. I wanted to put a halloween theme on my iPad, but that ended pretty quickly. I really don’t want to go down the route of endless launchers built with Shortcuts.

It’s 11th October and I’m sat outside in my garden doing my work, is that weird?
It’s 15 degrees so it’s basically summer still anyway.

Since it seems it will be a while before World of Warcraft becomes interesting to play again, I've decided to check out New World.

Just a 38 GB download away from playing. 😩

I also asked for a printed version of my own photo, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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As for the “swap” part of the Print Swap project, because a phot of mine was accepted, I have been able to request a print of another photographer. And others now have the ability to ask for a printed version of my photo.

Read more about Print Swap here - theprintswap.com/about

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A photo of mine has been accepted into the Print Swap project! theprintswap.com/swapprints/20

Which means it will be apart of a digital collection at the Indian Photo Festival, along with having a (very small) chance of being shown at a New York street exhibitition, or the physical Indian Photo Festival.

I’ve been thinking about where I share my writing (long-form and micro posts), and also my photos, and it appears that I’m currently using 6 platforms:

- Blog
- Micro.blog
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Glass
- Mastodon

Ideally, I’d like to have one central place for all of this content. Maybe that is what this Mastodon instance of mine will become.

I was close to joining a public Mastodon instance, but the idea of realistically owning my content and then connecting that to the “universe” sounded good to me. (Hopefully that’s how this works)

I think sometimes “owning your content” refers to having your own domain name in front of another service. Similar to how I have a micro blog hosted on Micro.blog, but accessible via micro.chrishannah.me.

There’s much more value when you actually host your content yourself, and have overall control.

First post on this new Mastodon thing. I have literally no idea what any of this is.
However, I have managed to figure out how to deploy my own instance.


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